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Introducing the Quickest Way to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Love your new magnetic eyelashes but hate the cheap applicator that it comes with?

This tool lets you apply magnetic eyelashes within seconds!

The EyeLasher™️ Magnetic Eyelash Clamp comes with magnets on the clamp itself, making it so quick and easy to apply.

Simply place the two parts of your magnetic lash extensions onto the magnetic strips and then simply clamp it down and release. 


  • Apply magnetic eyelashes in a second!

  • Magnetic strips automatically attach magnetic eyelashes with the correct angle. Easily grab and remove eyelashes.

  • Easy to use

  • Shorten your eye makeup routine by simple steps: Attach, clip and release!

  • Can also be used for curling after applying magnetic eyelashes.

  • Engineered with soft magnetic strips, it never hurts your eyelids while protecting your fragile eyelashes.

  • Fits any eye shapes & works with any magnetic eyelashes.

  • Durable & waterproof



  1. Place eyelashes onto the magnet part of the clamp. Ensure the magnetic strips face each other.

  2. Move the clamp towards your eye and keep its arms above and below your real eyelash.

  3. Gently touch the top arm to your eyelid, close the bottom arm. Now release the clamp.




1x EyeLasher™️ Magnetic Eyelash Clamp .



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