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EFERO Green Tea Face serum ™

EFERO Green Tea Face serum ™

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  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Helps to even skin texture
  • Whitening and Moisturizing face skin
  • It can deep clean grease in the face and meantime adjust excessive grease secretion of skin. Also it can duly supplement nutrition and moisture to skin,lighten acne, black head.







      • ADVANCED ANTIOXIDANT SERUM – This powerful and advanced formula contains Green Tea, Vitamin E, Retinol Hyaluronic Acid and Propolis, designed to target the most common signs of aging including brightness, firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots & sun spots.
      • GREEN TEA REVITALIZING SERUM – has an All-In-One formula to execute exactly what you need. It provided protective layer for your skin and helps retain moisture. This serum is rich in antioxidants and minerals which help with skins healing. This serum will give you a boost of collagen to reduce fine lines.
      • HEAL YOUR SKIN – This Green Tea Revitalizing Serum will reduce irritation, redness and swelling. This serums powerful antioxidant Green Tea, will reduce the UV damage in your skin and helps by protecting your skin from future damage cause by free radicals.
      • PROTECT YOUR SKIN – This Green Tea Revitalizing Serum will give your skin defense against bacteria and functions as a great anti-inflammatory agent. This serum accelerates the rate of cell growth and decongests the pores. Let this serum assist your skin with balancing, healing and soothing your problematic skin.






      • Shelf Life: 3 Years
      • Net WT: 2/15ML
      • Suitable for skin: any skin
      • Package Included: 1Pcs Green Tea Face Serum
      • EFERO Green Tea Serum Collagen Peptides Serum:  AntiAging Wrinkle Lift Firming Whitening Face Cream Moisturizing Essence Skin Care


      • After cleaning your face with warm water
      • Apply it on the affected part directly
      • Massage gently for better effected, 2-3 times one day.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews

      I can't say enough about this product! My skin is almost clean! This is admirable! I have a basic skin care routine every day and the results are already visible. I will use it all the time because it works! Thanks! ! !


      I use it every day and my face has stopped breaking out now. Try this product. It really restored my confidence I have really bad skin, I have sensitive oily skin, but I didn't experience any harsh reactions at all.