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Electric Hot Comb

Electric Hot Comb

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Straighten the ROOT of your natural hair or wig with this ELECTRIC HOT COMB


Do you find it IMPOSSIBLE to control your KINKY ROOTS, BABY HAIRS & BANGS?


Are you TIRED of walking back and forth to the stove to REHEAT the TRADITIONAL hot comb?


Well, the STAEDER hot comb is EXACTLY what you need. 


This ELECTRIC hot comb is a game changer!  Unlike the traditional hot comb, this electric hot comb does not require an OPEN FLAME to function.


This Hot Comb heats up to SMOOTH the kinkiest of hair strands. It DETANGLES the hair as it passes through the hair for a more natural, voluminous look. This is the best tool for straightening hair 


  • Place the hot comb near your root to straighten any new growth.
  • Heats up to 230°C and provides you with variable heat settings that can be adjusted to suit your hair texture
  • This hot comb can get closer to your scalp than flat irons.
  • The fine teeth comb through the hair, pulling it straight
  • No more exposure to open flames/stove in order to straighten your roots.




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Isaiah Waelchi

    Comb 2 in 1, it can both straighten and curl the hair. My Instagram: @ tsvet_schastja Comb small size, not heavy, convenient to use. Long, 360 degree rotating power cord, euroglass (can choose different type). There is an adjustable footrest so as not to burn the surface. Thermal conductive material: tourmaline ceramics. Heats up very quickly, in seconds. There is a temperature switch button, it's the same on/off. Comb is suitable for curly hair.

    Citlalli Dickens

    I love it only thing is they didn’t send me out an Australian adapter otherwise so happy thank you

    Jamey Kuphal

    Came very fast, well packed, warm perfectly, loved the product. Congratulations aliexples. Very fast delivery, well packed, and the comb heats more than I imagined, loved, thank you seller.

    Sally Koch

    my third time buying from this vendor thanks so much seller, I know you will never disappoint

    Jenifer McClure

    The brushing iron looks great I have not tested yet put otherwise nothing to say